domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

We did it!

4 e último dia do Workshop (4th and last day of the workshop)

Today we finished the top plate, compressed the walls (+-9cms), puted the permanent white straps and plastered the 1st layer with clay/sand and straw. Our loadbering walls are ready!
Everything went perfect and the group did really good work! And it was their 1st time with strawbale building! Really great group and spirit!
Tomorrow I´m going to north of Portugal to do another workshop in Fojo - infill technique.
This one is to be continued in October with a green roof, next layers of plaster and floor.
Thanks to Ana, Carla, Filomena, Telma, Eduardo, Igor, Sérgio, David, Rodrigo, Rogério, Manuel, Celestino, Carlos, Francis and our fairies of macrobiothic delicious food Neusa and Carolina.
Also want to thank Wouter for the white straps he sent me from The Netherlands (I couldn´t find resistants here) and the suport and inspiration of all strawbale builders friends I made around Europe.

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Maria Rodrigues disse...

Parabéns a ti e a todos os que participaram, por constituirem um bom grupo de trabalho e pelo que conseguiram fazer, atingindo todos os objectivos pretendidos!
Desejo que o próximo workshop no Fojo, que é um projecto diferente, corra também muito bem!
Beijinhos da mãe!